Darren Penrod Photography | About

Hi there,

My name is Darren, I'm a photographer for hire based in Southern New Jersey.

Like many photographers my interest began as a child. I remember going to my grandparents home and spending most of my time there looking through National Geographic hoping someday I too could shoot for a living. In the late 90's a retired photographer gave me my first real 35mm and since then I have devoted much of my time learning and perfecting my craft. 

Since mid 2000 I upgraded to digital but then continued acquiring many film cameras and even operating a dark room in my home for a few years. There are many areas I enjoy including real estate & architecture, landscape, nature, portraits, family portraits, travel and even a wedding once in a while.  

What I love the most is capturing warm moments between a family as they allow me to create a memory to enjoy for years to come. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and feel free to reach me on my contact page.